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Friends Only

Rolf has just arrived along with my family and Anna's family. Aly's family got in this morning. The house is so extremely full of shouting happy people and I love it. In about 2 hours everyone will be here for the rehearsal dinner. I think it just sank in that I'm getting married tomorrow. In the most wonderful way of course. Aly keeps coming into the room to get things and she just takes my breath away. And she's going to be my wife. And I'm going to have three wonderful children and a Tasha with another child on the way. I have a wonderful family and friends. Life is wonderful and I'm so glad it's turned out this way, especially when I look back on what it might have been. I'm so very lucky to know the people I do.

So thank you, everyone, for making my life wonderful and rich. I only hope I repay the favour.
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