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Private-From Thomas

I spent the night with her, Peter. Don't worry, I was a perfect gentleman. We talked all night and it was wonderful. And I woke up beside her and I can't express how jealous I am that you do this with Aly all the time. Jealous in a good way, of course.

Kat says she understands I can't be here all the time and I understand she needs someone who is. But she said love is love. And I love her, Peter. I love the way she feels and the way she talks and the way she treats people. I love her stories and the way she wrinkles up her nose when she giggles. And the way she pole dances, but I think everyone...with the possible exception of you...loves that.

I feel ecstatic and crushed at the same time. But if this is a mistake, it's a beautiful one.
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