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I did it!

I would like you all to know, my 11 year old just had to show me how to do this. But I told Aly I'd have revenge for the silly pictures she posted of me. Of course she's always beautiful, so my revenge is somewhat...lame.

Let's face it, I'm just showing off my wife.

Why can't I get this picture to be bigger!? I hate computers. But that's Aly's wedding dress, you just can't see it...

Waving at me when she tried her veil on.

She gives me this look a lot. And no, she is indeed not wearing any clothes, but see how my amazing photographer skills cut it off just at the right point so it's not scandalous? The other pictures were and you cannot see them. (That was her looking at all the bottles of Champagne in the Honeymoon Suite, by the way...)

Aly in David's Theatre a few years ago. Ah that theatre...I know it well...

Aly after she finished secondary school. Look how gorgeous she is!
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