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Friends Only

I think my head exploded overnight! It's huge and all purple and...OH GOD! I'M A TELETUBBY!

Well this can't be good.

Despite headwounds and turning into children's tellyshow mascots, Aly and I made our way down to Tipperary and we'll be home tomorrow night. We saw all sorts of lovely things which I had to squint at because I can't open my left eye all the way.

Please don't be afraid of me when you see me tomorrow. I promise, I am not a zombie.

The moral of the story is if you suddenly find yourself falling unconscious, move away from any windows you might bash your skull on. You know...if you have time. Well that's one of the many morals anyway.

Another one is that I married the most wonderful and understanding woman in the world, and I also have amazing friends.
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