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Peter, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having a word to Louise for me? I wouldn't ask if it weren't important. You see, Louise directed Lavannah to go down to Dwyer Street before sunrise this morning. Alone. They moved another spirit on there, but anything could have happened to Lavannah. Perhaps you could convince Louise that there are certain places they shouldn't go alone?

Yes. That is what I want to be doing. Spending Christmas Eve speaking to my dead and apparently reckless mother (she did hang herself, but I suppose she's not the only one in this family that did that, eh?) through the innocent and ever-sweet Lavannah. I suppose 'Mum, last time I was on Dywer Street, I got arrested' might work.

I should not be speaking to my mother! I found her dead body and this is ridiculous!

Says the man who's dead best friend is likely to respond to this because he hacks my account.
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