Father Peter Kemp (father_peter) wrote,
Father Peter Kemp

Filtered to David

Well, David. It appears my mother is not very happy with either of us. She says she'll stay with Lavannah but we 'cannot comprehend what that will mean'. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. All I really wanted was to ask the sterotypical questions that we generally never get to ask. 'Why did you leave me?' 'What were you thinking?' which she actually answered, much to my displeasure, but I did ask. Then she changed tangents and completely went off the rails. I can't understand it. My mother was always level-headed. Well...until the...not so level-headedness. She was a poised and proper woman and never in my life has she slapped me before! She's very protective of Lavannah which I am in no way extremely jealous of...nope and she seems to think you and I are endangering her.

I find that deeply troubling, to say the least.
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