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To those in the know

There is a demon in my bed. Her name is Rosa. I tried to explain that she could have her own bed, but she won't let me get more than a meter away from her unless she's with Josie. And the meter rule still applies there too. If either of us violate it, she screams and ow. So when I moved to the other bed, she just moved with me. She seems fascinated by the idea of lying down. Which I suppose is fair enough when you're kept tied to a fucking cross in your family's back room for years. I can't think of a time when I've been so...beyond fucking livid. The girl who let us in, she was Rosa's cousin, she stood there and explained to us how Rosa didn't require things like food and water because the lord sustained her. I assumed they gave them to her sporadically, but no. I think it's been years. Years. Rosa was being sustained by souls. I may have locked that stupid bitch in the fucking closet...

Everything worked...more or less okay. When the closet girl told me what she told me, both Josie and I knew we had to get Rosa out of there right then. She was being held to the cross by barbed wire. I got her water and Josie let her down. We spoke to her and used her name. Anna told me to do that, bless her. I think Rosa had forgotten she was a person because no one referred to her as one. She reacted to kindness with kindness. She also drained the soul out of another relative who came home and happened upon us trying to leave. We'll..have to discuss the soul sucking later, though she hasn't done it since. What she has done is eaten a loaf of bread, thrown that up over the side of the car, and then eaten pretty much an entire buffet by herself. We got her cleaned up. She doesn't speak, but she understand us. She nods and she even smiles at Josie. I think she's more wary of me. Though apparently not wary enough to get out of my bed...

We did a good thing today. Not at all how I planned it, but I think it went rather well. The bag that Rosa grabbed before we left had clothes (that no longer fit...we had to get her some new ones) and a few things in it. Including her passport and birth certificate, which good. When she was given to her cousins, apparently they shoved all of her things in one bag and then hung her on a cross to be a tourist attraction.

Ugh. I'm bitter on her behalf. Excuse me.
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