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Before I head over to Deirdre's, I decided to share something. Lydia's been telling me to put pictures of her up on my journal for days. She says she wants to see herself on daddy's journal. Who am I to argue? Anna and Caleb, however, would not sit still for pictures. Instead they chose to poke each other and squeal, which looked like fun to me!

Both of us. Judging from the look on my face, I probaly told a joke there than I found hilarious and she's humoring me. That's her 'uh huh, dad' face.

This is me doing the humoring. She dressed me up in that and see, I am worried! And there appears to be a thing in my pocket. And see my hair does go flat, it just looks...stupid.

My Little Girl. Humoring me again, no doubt...I really am very silly.

And this is me. I post it, not because I am vain, but because Aly said I must. She took it and I think I look like a clueless tool. But she says 'you're my clueless tool' so there you go. (I was watching TV, thanks.)

Had to do that. It's good to remember the good things before going to talk about the bad.
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