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Filtered to David and Deirdre

Rolf rang me today. That man has got to have the worst timing ever. When I informed him of that, however, he said it wouldn't have mattered if he'd spoken to us earlier. We did the only thing that could be done. He's spoken to Mary, David. He says she wants to see you. Aly, upon hearing this, practically screamed that I should go with you. I think she might be interested in your welfare and safety, how about you? We could travel to Melk by train if you could get the time off of work? Rolf says he can't come here, but that seeing her might offer some form of closure. If you don't want to go, I understand. But if you do, I'll be with you the entire way. Even though they will throw fruit at me at the monastery. Hopefully it will be good fruit.

Deirdre, this is filtered to you too because if we do go away...I feel like a tool saying this. If we go away there might be things that happen and you might be needed. Will you be okay on your own? I have faith in you, Sweetheart.
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