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To Those in the Know

I hate that I still feel this way. And that nothing can fix it but time. It's frustrating, suffering through emotional hell because it's better to feel it than to hide it away. I know I'm doing the smart thing. But at the same time it feels really fucking dumb.

I decided that instead of being self-centered, I could start working again. I rang the hospital in Belfast where Caoilfhionn is. I spoke with her doctor. I might make another trip down there sometime. Though not until I'm all healed. Then I rang the hospital in Munich where Katia Bauer lived. Notice the past tense. She's not there anymore. Released. Apparently she exhibited her 'manic like behaviour' for a few months and then everything stopped. She worked through her issues with a psychiatrist and they released her last year. I was very pleased to hear that. Of course, now I have to do a search to find her, but I'm actually glad for that.

I hope you're all well.
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