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Friends Only

My little girls never cease to enthrall me. And they have the best plans. Don't mess with them! You have to wonder where she got that from though. Was that my influence? Maybe it's best not to ask.

Though according to some of Kat and Tasha's re-enactments, it could have come from Kat. And then I want to know what else you've been teaching my babies!

Medea was fantastic tonight. Absolutely amazing. And I'm very sorry to hear about Shawn. But he can be happy that his theatre is in good hands. I hear you ran things perfectly, Deirdre. I'm very proud of you. Renee, you were breathtaking. I hope you like your alien.

There was a man in the audience who kept looking at me funny. And I don't think it's because I'm irresistable. I recognised him and I think it might have been Spectre. Would he have come to see the play?
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