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Yes I am posting again. Keeping myself busy means I don't have to remember everything that's going on. Also Aly just took about 25 pictures of me about an hour ago, which aren't quite the masterpice that the one from the other day was. But look, Don't make Peter sad. She said I had the best sad face ever. And then she gave me some cake, which was rather nice of her! And then there's me pouting. But see, that was before cake! I hate cameras.

All I can say is at least I don't look like a scary skeleton anymore, thanks.

I feel compelled to share this as well, because it's amusing and certainly correct. That's an older picture though. Supplied by Liz. Who else?

And finally, because I have no idea what I am doing in this picture, tada. You tell me. I think Caitlin was around if you must know.

I'm also looking up mythology on the interwebs. There's tonnes of it! Sometimes the names of people are spelled wrong though, and it makes me want to weep bitterly.

EDIT: Oh dear god, it's Katherine... Liz, what are you doing with this on my computer! You were waiting for me to find it, weren't you?
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