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To Those in the Know

Deirdre and I went to my house earlier today. We found every single breakable thing in the house completely shattered. Plates, mugs, windows, mirrors, the glass covering photographs...everything. Everything except my mother's antique tea sets, which leads me to believe the person that did this is in fact her. One of the windows broke before the others. The one in Rosa's room. And it was broken with a chair. The rest seemed to break by themselves. And when I first went to look, the door was open. I forgot about that. I think someone was in the house and I think they were after Rosa. After all that's going on in Brazil and now Sweden, I don't want to guess who it was, but either way, she's safe. Deirdre and I tried to re-enter the house, but the door closed. Apparently we're not supposed to go back yet.

Now I'm just wondering if Lavannah sent my mother to say this, or if she came on her own. And is that why she was here the other day? And if she was, why did she lock me in the toolshed?

It's all very very confusing.

And soon I have to go to dinner with Svetlana.
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