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To those in the know

We're back at the house on Prince Albert Road. All the windows have been fixed and it's all safe and everything.

I have to ask you all a favour and I know you're not going to understand or want to agree, but you have to anyway. If anything happens to me..if this Father Alvarez somehow manages to take me anywhere and I happen to be alone, do not come after me. I know I said the exact opposite of this after I'd been in the bunker, but that was the trauma speaking and this is a different situation entirely. Please. You know nothing can happen to me and I'll find my way back to you. I always do. You have to leave me to take care of it myself. Especially if you happen to be a demon or an angel or a werewolf or a medium or something else I have yet to hear about and understand. I won't risk you. Any of you.

Please don't argue with me.
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