Father Peter Kemp (father_peter) wrote,
Father Peter Kemp

To Those in the Know and Kat, From Thomas

Okay. I've been all over Westminster and I spoke to the bank people (who told me to get the hell out, oddly enough) and found nothing. Deirdre and I spoke to Father Alvarez yesterday, though. He was still at his hotel suite and Deirdre used that fantastic brain of hers to get us in. He says he doesn't know where the place Peter would be is because he's always blindfolded. He didn't give names either and he said that the names wouldn't matter because we wouldn't be able to find anything on them. He said the people who have Peter are in some sort of Order or something. An order that believes in the old way of doing things. He even said the word 'inquisition' and knowing that Peter was looking that very thing up and that Mia the religious fruitcake was involved...I'm deeply worried. I can't imagine that this has been going on very long, or we would have heard about it. Because the idea that it's been going on for a long time and they're so secretive that no one knows about it is just too scary to think about.

And I hate to say it, but the money being taken fits in with the idea of an inquisition. When a person was charged with heresy, their property became forefeit. In this day and age, that would no doubt be a checking account. But the credit cards weren't taken. Because credit isn't money you have, it saying you'll pay later.

God I hope I'm wrong.

EDIT: Spectre, did you happen to see anything in Peter's dreams last night?
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