Father Peter Kemp (father_peter) wrote,
Father Peter Kemp

To Those in the Know and Kat, From Thomas

So apparently the answer to 'do your eyes still itch terribly and go all unfocusey when you haven't slept in three days even if you're dead?' is a big yes. I plan on finding out the answer to that tree falling in a forest and no one's around does it make a noise question too because, as a dead guy, I don't count. But I don't have time to do that one now.

I might be hallucinating too, but it might just be Rosa crawling around because sometimes she does that.

I looked up the Knight's Templar in London though I didn't expect to find anything really. I still went around to a few churches including Temple Church (and one pub on Chancery Lane...that was an accident, and they looked confused when I asked where the priests were) but they were dead leads. I've got nothing. And I called Rolf because he's weird and old and if anyone was going to know about these guys he would, but he's not in Melk at the moment and they wouldn't tell me where he was. I might have called them names...

Anyone have any ideas? I don't care if you tell me to look under rocks, I'll try anything. Any dreams yet, Spectre?

Ah, there goes Rosa, crawling back into her room. Okay, I wasn't hallucinating. Well...that's a little better.
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