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My wife has put me under house arrest! Apparently when she tells me I'm supposed to take a day off to rest, that doesn't mean sneaking out to visit people in hospital. Silly Peter! But being under house arrest meant she made me fajitas and I think I ate about 300 of them. So very very good. And now I cannot move because I ate so much. But see me not vomiting? Ha ha! I am conquering this thing called illness. Or whatever the hell it was that was wrong with me. Either way, it's stopping.

Also? My sister bought me James Bond's car. So there's that. Not that I can drive it yet, but it's in the driveway out there and Thomas is ogling it with greedy eyes. It's funny to say things to him and he grunts back, because he's distracted by shiny.

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kait. I hope you had a good night last night.

Maybe if I'm a good boy, I'll get my mobile phone back tomorrow!! Liz has been handling all the phone calls about the hospital and last time I saw her, her hair looked like mine! That's never a good sign!
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