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Blame this on Renee. She's the one that wanted to see the picture of me in the hat. Incidently, you find the oddest things in your sister's closet. Please note, that was several years ago. You can tell because if it was recent, the hat would be sitting on top of a lot more hair. I honestly think my hair is multiplying and one day it's going to swallow my head whole.



Anyway I stayed home all day, like Aly told me. I was a good little boy. Even though I was working, I only took one phone call which was to say the plans for the hospital renovation were approved. I'm going over there tomorrow to get a last look at the place. It's okay, my excursion has been approved as well.

It's Lydia's birthday on the 30th. My baby is going to be 12. 12. If anything can make you feel old, it's realising the daughter you were sure was just born yesterday is turning 12. And today she was talking about the effects of recycling and the benefits of composting and letters her class wrote to the local council. I think maybe Lydia should go to my meetings instead of me, she's very good at..well...everything, thank you very much. I'm very proud!

Twelve!! And then she'll be a teenager. Oh god. I'm so not ready for that!
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