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To Those in the Know

Katherine came back into our lives today. It's made Lydia so incredibly happy that I can't help but be glad for it. Not that I trust her implicitly, because that would be very silly. But I do believe she wants to change things as as long as Lydia is happy to see her, I'm happy for her to be seen. Lydia also got so many presents she hasn't even opened them all. I'm not even sure where half of them came from...and who gave my daughter a Harry Potter vibrating broom?! Please tell me that was a joke! You know I'll cry.

And now some less happy news. The hospital in Belfast that Caoilfhionn was in rang me yesterday wondering how I was doing. That confused me. They said that they were afraid I'd sue them because when I visited, Caoilfhionn hurt me and escaped. Obviously, I was never there. I can only assume that one of those inquisition fuckers used by goddamned name and found her. But if she knocked her out, then obviously they don't have her...and then I read in the paper that an ambassador was killed in Belfast. So was his entire family. The circumstances sound like a demon and they talked about a 'macabre tea party'. Caoilfhionn is very childlike in her ways and that would be something she would do. I don't think the two are likely to be coincedences. I think she's on the loose. I'm not so happy about the prospect of that, obviously.

So just be careful. I try to find a picture of her to show around, but at least she doesn't know of anyone here other than me.
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