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To Those in the Know

I dreamt of a demon and it wasn't Caoilfhionn. It was someone else. Someone new. She was made that way, not born that way. It wasn't the girl that I dreamt about really, it was the spirit inside. I saw how she became a demonic spirit, and I saw each time she took over a body. She always inhabited people that were being pursued. She made them into demons and her first act would be to dispatch the people giving chase. Her latest incarnation is no exception. The difference with this demon, is that the voice inside her head is that of a 7 year old girl. Caoilfhionn is very childlike in her mannerisms, but I believe that's because the onset of her demonic traits came on very early and she liked the fact that her apparent innocence made it easier to fool people. She's learned to retain it. This girl would likely have no impluse control at all. When children get angry, they hate the world. They kick and scream and cry. The idea of a demon like that is terrifying. And I still don't understand why I'm dreaming about her.
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