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To Those in the Know and Kat

I think Svetlana and I had a breakthrough yesterday. Not about the horrifying names...she remembered things about her past. Things that aren't the lies she's believed for years. And I think she's going to be okay. She seemed it. And then she ate probably 4 pizzas. Deirdre watched her. She can tell you.

I went to visit Thomas's mother today. Big Thomas's mother, though I went to visit Aly today too. I couldn't bring the baby with me to the hospital, but I brought him with me to see Thomas's mother. Who's name is Lavinia but she wouldn't let me call her that! She made me call her mum. Anyway, I thought it only fair that she meet the boy I named after her son. She was absolutely thrilled. She insisted that he call her 'grandma' when he gets older, which I suppose is fair enough because he only has one of those. (Lavannah, please don't let my mum slap me again for saying that...) We had a good talk and she hogged my son the entire time. It was good to see. She talked about Thomas growing up and how his siblings are doing. And then she said all these wonderful things about how much my friendship meant to Thomas. It was good to hear, because I know how much his friendship meant and means to me. Which I told her too, by the way. Oh, and she didn't call me an orphan once! Which is odd, because that was her favourite thing to call me. Lavinia is rather odd, but you would be to have a child like Thomas. She did, however, do something.

Look! He's all little!

I like the flower there. He smushed mine when I got married.

Apparently Thomas played the violin. I didn't know this! His mother said he really only did it to annoy his brothers. Thomas is tone deaf. Violin is not an instrument one should play when tone deaf...

You honestly should see the look on my face right now.

This is a little thing I like to call 'Sweet Revenge' because he dressed me up in one of those! That's his uncle, by the way. I think he bought Thomas the kilt. Doesn't Thomas look thrilled?

Well I took this one. But it makes me grin.

And here's my little Thomas. He's so cute when he's sleeping. And also always.
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