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To Those in the Know and Kat-from Thomas

Apparently someone posted embarassing pictures of me while I was not here to protest. So not fair! Not that I mind because dammit, I was a cute little bugger. But now I am posting pictures of Peter. So hah.

Look, photographical evidence that he yells at me! Of course, I did steal his camera and erm...his wallet! But only to spend his money on food! Poor poor downtrodden, hungry, yelled at me. That's actually not what he was doing at all, by the way, I was about to trip over the kerb when backing up to take the photo of he and Father Bianco...

I make him make this face a lot. Isn't he just precious?!

This is me proving I am not a photographer. It's your newfangled cameras. Look at how he's steadfastly ignoring me!

This is Katherine who came over today. She looks lost. She probably is.

Svetlana and I took pictures of her last time. She couldn't do this now, but look how gorgeous she is!

Today, I escaped from Katherine (who tried to jump me...ask Peter) and I went shopping with Svetlana instead. She showed me her tattoo which she got in Albania!

And then she played hide and seek in the curtains like the coy minx she is. How adorable is she, really!?

Someone has Peter hair already. Isn't he amazing? I love him!
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