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Friends Only

Today was fantastic! I think I kissed everyone... Though Tasha did show me Cradle of Fear which is a horrifying movie with like...gore and stuff. And naked ladies. Nothing like watching a movie full of naked women and having your teenage daughter turn to you and inform you, through her purple monkey voicey thing, that she likes the women's breasts and inquires as to your opinion. So...in essence, a purple monkey asked me "Do you like her breasts, Dad?"

Really didn't know what to say to that. Talking animals and dirtyness and the like. Poor poor Peter.

Oh and my wife does not like it when you sing 'zippidedoodah' by the way. Just don't do it! It's not a pretty picture!! Well Aly is always gorgeous, but she pinches hard!
Tags: happiness, my wonderful children, oh how i love aly
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