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Friends Only-Filtered away from the kids

Today I was told that my daughter only exsists because Katherine was afraid she'd lose me after I caught her cheating. Of course, big dummy that I am, I wasn't really going to leave her (I've made that particular mistake twice now...marvel at my stupidity) but she was so afraid that she stopped taking her birth control pills to try and get pregnant to keep me there.

Wonderful, isn't it?

But the very fact that Katherine admitted that to me actually made me feel better. Not because of what she did, but because she's changed enough that she can see what she did as a bad thing. And she trusts me enough to tell me. That's pretty astounding progress from hissing obscenities when I walk into a room, I think.

And really, I don't care how Lydia came about. I'm just damn glad she's here.
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