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Can't sleep. Too much to do. I packed and I squared everything away with the hospital and I made arrangements and I think I made myself crazy in the process but I still feel like there's things I should be doing and sleep isn't one of them.

Goddammit I can't wait to be on vacation. I think the last time I had a one of those was when Lydia turned eight and we went to York for three days and gorged ourselves on those little donuts. She made me play tea party and we had the most fantastic time. It was just us and we explored the little laneways and shops and I spoiled her positively rotten (shhh don't tell the church because I took a vow of poverty har har) and then I had to go back to Melk and I pouted for probably the next 3 years.

That was a nice story.

Still can't sleep.
Tags: amusement, badness, deirdre, evil thomas!, my wonderful children
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