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Hola, amigos! We're safely in Spain. Valencia to be exact. It's amazing here and I'm already completely relaxed. I know, marvel at the concept. But I had a nap. On a porch. In a swing! With Thomas (the baby one) in my lap and Aly leaning against me, and we dozed listening to the waves of the beach. Well, and the squeals of Hope and the not-baby Thomas as they splashed in the ocean.

Then I think I ate my weight in food, and Aunt Rosalia kissed me (noooooooooo) and I sat there like a moppet with Edward while Aly, Jacinta and David spoke to the cousins in rapidfire Spanish. Incredible, really. It made me remember our trilingual rehearsal dinner when Aly and I got married. Not that the Germans ever really talked. And Thomas and Robert spoke in Latin, just to be cheeky devils.

Anyway, I'm all relaxed and losing my point. Hi, we're safe and happy! And we have internet, even if Isabella is incredibly interested in what I'm doing over here. Tomorrow we're going to go see the Plaça de l'Ajuntament. Aly had to type that for me. I still can't even say it. But I'll take pictures!

Tonight, Isabella and Rosalia are insisting on taking care of the kids, so Aly and I are going out. It's going to be wonderful. We're going to have a date! In Spain! I might be excited.

I hope everything is going well for all of you!
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