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Aly told me to do the photo thing. So that is what I am doing. By the way, Spain rocks. And I am having the best time, and cannot properly articulate how wonderful it is. Well, not without being a little naughty.

This is the city hall. Other words too hard to spell. But that fountain is amazing.

This is the plaza with the cathedral which I kept calling the 'Plaza of the Virgins' and Aly kept swatting me!

Fountainless view. That's the cathedral in the background. The Vatican has kind of sort of accepted the 'grail' they have inside as the true holy grail, but I think it's bunk. I didn't go inside because I have this fear that people will point at me and shout 'PRIEST! What are you doing with a wife and family and happiness!? This is not on and we shall take it away from you!' and then I'd have to kick them all. So I sat outside and Baby Thomas kept me company.

This little guy kept me company too! He looked so much like Petey, that we made friends. After he was done taking his bath, I gave him some of the food I was carrying around. He liked the bread. I named him Skippy, and he chased the pigeons away for me!

Thomas and Skippy and I found this while walking around. Apparently it's a walkway for the people who work in the Cathedral. I thought it was pretty.

And here's a street in Old Valencia.

More streets. I like the flags, they're so brightly coloured!

Here's one of the city gates. The walls are gone of course, but two of these are left.

My little Anna at dinner, charming absolutely everyone. All the other kids were running around like crazy people and wouldn't sit still long enough to get pictures taken.

So I took pictures of Aly. This was on our date. Look how gorgeous she is! I love it when she smiles like that.

She wasn't running around, which makes it easier to take pictures. I love her so much.

This was inside right before dinner. She's listening to Jacinta's diatribe on something. I don't know what it was, it was in Spanish.

I can't get over how beautiful she is. She's my wife! Muahaha!

Eventually she told me to stop taking pictures, because I took this one. I still think she looks amazing, but she said I shouldn't take 'laughing photos'. I think if she can post 'chewing photos' of me, 'laughing photos' are open season! And she looks amazing. I just tend to look like a bum. Occasionally a chewing bum.

Like this! There's food everywhere here! And Aly gets revenge by taking pictures of me being inept, and not knowing why. (Lenscap=on)

And here I am figuring out the timer. This was, of course, because the digital camera doesn't have a timer. Which is why Aly had it to take pictures of me with. And yes, I am being a suss as it looks like I'm being. And no, you can't see those photos!
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