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Well! Today was a wonderful day! My sister proposed to Emma. She said yes, of course. They're off 'celebrating'. And David's getting married on Tuesday! Such excellent and happy news. We took a day off from touristing too and so I spent all afternoon watching Thomas do this:

He's chasing Caleb and Anna around. They are convienently NOT in the picture because they were hiding behind Aunt Rosalia who threatened horrible things if I took a picture of her!

See! There's part of her. Shh, don't tell!

He's looking to see if I'm watching. Which is just adorable.

And this is the look he gives you when you tell him to come in for lunch. And then he stands up and says "Noooooo! Nonono!" because he wants to stay in the ocean.

This was Thomas telling Aly to look out behind her because Brian was coming. Unfortunately Thomas wasn't looking out behind HIM. See. Wave brewing...

And this is where he yelled "AaahhhhGLUG" and I took a picture of it because I am helpful.

But see! Thomas always okay!

And then dear Hope came up to me and showed me her sand...(and then proceeded to pretend to eat it)

Isn't she darling?

And then she was so pretty I took more pictures. Please note, she didn't get the sand in her hair there, she had already gotten that off her hands...

Aly took this one upstairs this morning. It's so sunny here!

Today, Lydia and I talked and she's so grown up it scares me a little! She wants to get her ears pierced. And considering everything she's come through, I think she deserves to make that decision. She's excited because she gets to go shopping with Hope and Tasha and Zoe and Isabella. Meanwhile Daddy sits home and has a minor flipout that she'll come back with a mohawk or something. But she's proven that she's mature beyond her years and she deserves to have fun. And considering that all of her siblings are younger with the exception of Tasha, she also deserves to spend some time with older people who aren't parental units. I'm so proud of her.

And David. And Emma. And Liz. And I love Aly so very much.

Miguel, however, keeps trying to give me tequila. "For celebrate!" He is very nice and everything, but I currently do not love Miguel. And I wish I had some tequila. But wouldn't that just ruin a perfectly wonderful holiday. (I'll just keep reminding myself of that every 20 seconds).
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