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Friends Only-David's Wedding!

David is married!! And he and Christina are safely on their...whatever it is they're doing. And the party here is still going, but I am old and tired, so I came inside amid shrieks of happiness and cheer (not because I was leaving...)

Last night was the bachelor party and it was...interesting. How come it was David's bachelor party and they still kept buying ME lapdances. Is it because I turn red? I was Not Amused. There was a barely clad girl dancing over me and all I could think was 'I wonder if she gets cold when she does this in the winter? I should give her a blanket.' Which I don't think is the point. Thomas, however, had the night of this life and he said announced "There should always be bachelor parties" rather loudly to everyone. He didn't get a feather boa this time, though. Woe is Thomas.

This is going to be long. I shall cut it just for you. Today was the wedding. It was fantastic and very very shiny. They had it at a club because Isabella knows the owner. They were married by a certain Father Domingo, who is rather laid back. He walked around after the wedding wearing glow in the dark shades... Apparently Isabella knows all the cool priests. David, who decided that his wedding was going to be a bit different, wore a silver suit and Christina's dress was black, but it looked blue under the lights. Very pretty. I was the best man! And Thomas, Edward and Miguel were groomsmen. Aly was the maid of honour and Tasha, Hope and Lavannah were bridesmaids. My lovely Lydia and Anna spread glitter and sequins around instead of petals. Caleb was ringbearer. He said he should do it professionally! Jacinta walked David down the aisle and it was really beautiful. I sound like a woman. That's okay, women are smart.

The reception took place in the club as well, which was very good. It was a riot. Kind of literally! People were dancing on the tables! They played...Spanish electric music or something. Svetlana got herself hypnotised by a mirrorball. She was staring up at it so I distracted her with dancing. Oh! And the plot that Miguel and David were hatching the other day for Brian was simply that they drugged his champagne and he fell asleep on his dinner. But he wasn't bothering anyone then. They put him in the closet, and I believe they were being a certain kind of metaphorical...he's fine by the way. And he caught some extra sleep.

So pictures.

What David does with his cousins is his own business...this was a few days ago. Awww.

This is me giving my best man's speech. And being heckled by a heckler (Thomas).

David got smashed at his party. And this is the face that he made when I pointed it out.

See? Completely drunk. But he was showing me he was still strong anyway. Thanks, David.

I don't know what Svetlana is doing to Miguel here, but he looks like he likes it...

Tasha was drinking too! Or possibly getting beer for someone else. And she's gorgeous.

And here's Tasha looking confused because of something Hope gave her. I assume Hope was giggling madly when she did it.

Quiet reflection is what that is.

Before the wedding, Vincenza's father took some pictures of Christina and some of the family. Isn't her dress fantastic?

Christina posed with Vincenza and they're both stunning.

Lavannah looked gorgeous at the wedding. She always does, of course.

Svetlana got attacked by glitter...but she liked it.

My gorgeous Aly. She said this is the only time she'd wear white at a wedding. To be contrary.

And again, because the camera loves her. And so do I.

Hope found the chocolates at the reception to be rather appealing...

I am sure she found this appealing too. Tasha took off her shiny skirt and proceeded to show off the skills she learned at Aly's bachlorette party. I squeaked and hid my eyes. But I hear she's very talented. Mostly from Miguel, who I had to hit.

Here's me, making faces at Thomas again. You can't see my shiny, it's under my coat. But it was black. And shiny.

And this is what I was making faces at. David told Thomas to go all out. And of course...when you do that, he does. What did he wear?

This, of course. He looked like a mirror...and then he proceeded to hop up on the counter and lip synch a song for the happy couple. He's one of a kind, our Thomas.

I liked seeing so many people so happy. And they still are, I can hear them hooting. Good for them. And good for David and Christina.
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