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To Those in the Know

Somewhere along the line, in all the Antichrist, I forgot to mention that we came home to a new doctor for the hospital. She just happens to be Abigail Littleton. Thomas's little sister. There was quite an interesting reunion between them which was mostly by accident and misfortune, but everything is alright now. She's just been by to take care of my back as Aly and I were beginning to get a bit worried that it might not be healing the way it should be. But she's fixed me all up (and called me a baby) and I told her to get one of these to keep in touch with everyone. She seemed rather dubious, but I think I we can convince her! She understands about the supernatural side of things, obviously as she will be working at the hospital. And she's a wonderful woman. As you would be if you were related to Thomas. Her LJ is abigail_lilith

My Lydia brought Aly and I flowers today that she bought with her own money. She makes me so proud. What a treasure.
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