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To Those in the Know, From Thomas

Hello! It's Thomas here! I had a sleepover with Abs (my sister, not the muscle group) and we had a fantastic time! We were sleepoverbuddies! There was no braiding hair of any kind, however. No matter what she says! Lies!

I learned all sorts of things I missed. My sister Eleanor is pregnant again! She's due in August! It will be her fourth child. Her oldest son is named after me and I have a pack of children with my name and I feel like the luckiest man ever! Apparently my oldest brother, Joseph has a son too. My catholic orthodox father wanted us all to have biblical names really (Joseph, Adam and Thomas?) at least for the boys, and so Joe, being the mocker that he is, wanted to name his son Lucifer. His son's name is Julian! His wife won that one!

Also, I found out my father is aware that I died. I'd been wondering if he knew. Apparently he came to my funeral because he read about it in the paper (lovely). My mother was livid, and I don't blame her. He left us with nothing, and she was the one who took care of us, often at great personal sacrifice. He was the reason we had to struggle so hard. But she let him stay, anyway. Because that is how wonderful my mother is. I also learned that my siblings take such amazing care of her that I want to kiss all their little cheeks!

Oh and don't call Abigail 'Abeneezer'. She punches you hard in the stomach! Thank goodness I'm ripped!
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