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That somehow this black night feels warmer for the spark

Your heart is a pure flame of man's constant night

Father Peter Kemp

Played by artemisofluna

You were ever in my mind. You were behind my soul each time I held it to the flame. You were ever in my precious thoughts. I'd leave a room of angels just to be alone, if only to say your name.

Peter/Aly TheirLoveDon'tFadeAway

The Future Kemp Family is Love!


Are these not words of heresy?
A venom on my lips, a poison?
My spirit impurified
In everything I choose to say

If I would shed my skin, the layers left
But not the lessons learned
It would not undo what I have done
Or grant forgiveness in some better days

With you I stand in hope
That God will save us from ourselves
Every cry a wasted moment
Until another day is lost
Even lands we once called home
Lie undiscovered and unknown
Only heaven's silence for an answer
And did our laughter, did our tears
Have some purpose after all?
Did we toil in vain in hope
That wisdom came from what we'd done?
Even lands we once called home
Lie undiscovered and unknown
Only heaven's silence for an answer

I wear this chaos well

~VNV Nation

See the Sky Again

Whispered from my heart and soul to my unwilling eyes
Lift my vision from the ground lift it to the sky
Skies they used to be so ugly rain that stings my face
Opens up their glory just earth and sky and space

And your passionate embraces absolve me of my sin
Your life lifts me up so I can see
See the sky again

And I've lived through all the flash-fires set off like lightning spark
Yes they burn so brightly and oh they burn so hot
And these fantasies of all our love tearing at the ground
Wrapped up in the vortex of sweat and sex and sound
And your passionate embraces absolve me of my sin
Your life lifts me up so I can see, see the sky again

Hide me
From the love I'm too scared to send
Hide Me
'Til I see the sky again

And your passionate embraces absolve me of my sin
Your life lifts me up so I can see
See the sky again

~Edwin McCain

Of Daugters:

And Sons:
Caleb Montgomery-Scott

Of Friends:

And Family:
fallslike_rain Farewell, Dear Bianca

And Love:

Peter/Thomas TheirLoveIsSoMonkey

"Please stand clear from the blast, as I purge demons from my past. Don't aspire to relieve, do your worst and punish me. Do I fuel my hunger deprive my dreams, live my lonely worn out seam. Stitches weary and the scars they leave, I'm the only one deceived."

"How little we know of what we are blessed with, our shimmering island it turns. How little we look at what we see clearly, of tragedy's lessons not learned. Sleeping through classes we'll make it up later, there's still so much time left to go. Misguided roses we bloom in October, emerging triumphant in time for the season's first snow."

"Don't tell me what's in, tell me how to write. Don't tell me how to win this fight it isn't your life, it isn't your right to take the only thing that's mine. You've proven over time, it's over your head, don't try to read between the lines, are clearly defined, never lose sight of something you believe in. I've been trying to justify you, in the end I will just defy you. To those who understand, I extend my hand. To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am. Not under your command, I know where I stand. I won't change to fit your plan, Take me as I am."

"And falling's just another way to fly. I wonder why it's never easier than the first time."

"A man in my shoes runs a light, all the papers lie tonight. But falling over you is the news of the day. Angels fall like rain. And love, is all of heaven away. Inside you the time moves and she don't fade. The ghost in you she don't fade away."

This journal is for RPG purposes only, and is not affiliated with Dylan Moran in any way. Peter is an original character in an original RPG darker_london

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